Course Specifics and Requirements

Contact Information:

Primary Instructor:  Randy Peterson – e-mail:

General email:

Technical Advisor / Adjunct Instructor:  Steven Shepperd – email:



Where (and if) specified, textbook is mandatory, no options. Textbooks can be ordered through Amazon.  If not specified, courses will contain all the necessary materials (usually in the form of a downloadable e-book or PDF)


Typically, no refunds will be given once course material has been viewed.  Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis in extreme circumstances, at the discretion of eLifeline. Please contact us for further information if necessary.

Student Responsibility:

 • Computer-based online courses require a self-motivated student.   Having the flexibility to work at one’s own pace offers the participant the option of completing the course in a short period of time or finishing within the required timeframe.

• A personal commitment to be responsible to staying on track is imperative.  Historically, a student that falls behind in a self-paced course struggles to keep pace.  Furthermore, assignments related to topic-appropriate subject material are required.  The student must keep current with the estimated pace to be able to accomplish the required assignments.

• It is the responsibility of the student to contact the primary instructor with issues related to subject matter or content.

Instructor/Staff Responsibility:

• The primary instructor or designated appointee will be responsive to student needs.  Any issues or content related questions should be addressed to the primary instructor by contacting him/her by email at:

• The primary instructor or designated appointee will contact the student requesting assistance within 48 working hours of the student request.

• When contacting the primary instructor, please leave a contact phone number and the “best time to call”.  Every attempt will be made to return phone calls at the requested time.

• When class content questions arise, they are best addressed via phone or personal conversation. For instance, the complexity of interpreting an EKG tracing often requires dialogue between the instructor and the student to resolve issues or add clarity to questions.


• Initially, some courses required an on-site (in-person) final exam.  The requirement for an in-person final examination has been eliminated.  The final exam, like the quizzes that accompany each syllabus module, is conducted online and is multiple-choice.

• As stated, the course is “self-paced” and the student has 10 weeks to complete the course.  Please contact the course instructor should this timeframe prove inadequate.

• The student may progress at a faster pace and complete the required assignments ahead of the recommended schedule.  If the student falls behind, he/she may have a difficult time completing the course if the recommended stride is not maintained.


• It is highly recommended that the student complete each quiz with a minimum grade of 80%.  For the student that fails to reach the recommended 80%, it is highly recommended that they carefully review the lecture content and additional materials pertinent to the failed topic.  One make-up quiz per syllabus module is offered.

• The final written examination *must* be passed with a score of 80% or better.

• Failure to achieve 80% on the final examination will result in one opportunity to complete a retake of the final examination.  Failure to attain the minimum required score of 80% on the final examination retake will result in failure of the course.


Prior to the student to being granted access to begin the program, there must be an agreement to adhere to the stated Course Policies.

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