Are there consequences from getting a poor score on a quiz?  For example, if I didn’t score 80% will that keep me from receiving the certification?

Advanced Practice

I’m currently in the Advanced EKG course and am missing a few features that really helped me in your Basic course.

I loved the practice strips provided in the text book for the beginner, and am hoping you can recommend a book/website with practice 12-leads that I can use cement the new information before moving on to new chapters.

Also missed are the section quizzes, which were a very nice way to gauge progress and understanding before taking the final.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!




Where and how do I access the textbook that is listed as included in the course? I would like to start this course right away and am not able to until I have access to the course readings and practice strips…

Thank you,



I signed up for the online Basic EKG course last night which says “textbook included”.  I also note reading assignments in the syllabus.  Can someone tell me where/how I can get a copy of the textbook?  I am very excited about this course and anxious to get started.  Thank-you-

Rick Rhodes